It’s Hard to Get Yourself Unstuck


Churches and pastors can get stuck! And when it happens, it’s hard to get unstuck on your own.

There are any number of reasons that churches get stuck.  In our work with pastors and congregations we’ve found that it happens for any number of reasons:

The church is unclear about its mission.

There is no vision for the future.

The church has become inwardly focused and preference-driven.

The church refuses to reach out to the community.

The pastor and the church leaders play the blame game.

The Great Commission has become the Great Omission.

The church worships their past successes.

The church obsesses over its facilities.

You and the church are focused on activities instead of outcomes.

You have not equipped God’s people to do the work of ministry.

How about you and your church? Do one or more of these statements apply to you and your congregation? If so, you just might be stuck.

It’s hard to get unstuck when you try to do it alone.  If you or your church are having difficulty, let a Clergy Coaching Network coach help you and your church get find a new future. You can apply for coaching at

Or, if you want to learn more about us, our web site is

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