Supporting Women in Ministry


This page was created to support all clergy. All Clergy! Not just male clergy!

No one should be surprised that we support women in ministry–at all levels of ministry.  This has been our stance from the beginning of our organization. We have frequently posted about our support for clergywomen. Our coaching team is made up of male and female clergy. We are all part of churches and denominations that affirm and celebrate female clergy.

This page was created to challenge, support and equip those seeking to do ministry.  Our Facebook page will not be a forum for those seeking to challenge the right of a woman to do ministry. It is intended to be a safe place for all clergy who are seeking to be transformational leaders.   

In the future, comments that are unsupportive of women in ministry will be hidden or deleted, and those continuing to make such comments may be banned from the page.

We understand that some of you come from traditions that do not believe as we do.  We respect your right to differ.  If you have differing opinions, you are free to share those opinions elsewhere, but not on this page.  If you feel that CcNet is not a page you can support, we understand.  We hope you will stay, but if you choose to leave, the peace of Christ be with you!

If you wish to learn more about the Biblical and theological justification for our support of clergywomen, we encourage you to take the time to read this link from Dr. Craig Keener, professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary:

Here is another from Dr. Ben Witherington III, professor of New Testament Interpretation:

If you wish to know more about the abuse clergywomen often experience, check out this video:

Or check out this link:

We cannot monitor this page 24/7, but if posts are made that are abusive or unsupportive, we will notice, and we will take the appropriate action.

Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Supporting Women in Ministry”

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve been a supporter of women in ministry for as long as I can remember. It just makes sense. Why would God ever limit ministry and disciple making to only half the humanity that God has created personally by hand? As the church which belongs to Jesus Christ (not us!), we need all the ministers, preachers, leaders, etc that we can get!!!


  2. Can I just simply ask where the evidence is in scripture to support this practice? Maybe I’m missing something that I haven’t read before? Would appreciate some biblical proof !


    1. Who was the first person to accept & carry “the Gospel”?

      God purposed Mary (a female) to conceive the mission & receive the anointing in her to deliver Jesus into this world. Joseph was engaged to be married to Mary BUT GOD did not go to Joseph first to see if he was ok with the idea. God spoke with Mary & she accepted, trusting God to be so.

      Joseph (the man) she was soon to marry had secret thoughts to “protect Mary” & then basically divorce or separate from her.

      Mary pregnant with Jesus before others but Joseph knew about it – went to see Elizabeth who was pregnant with John. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice her unborn baby John leaped in her womb with excitement! These two yet to be delivered children had purpose in the Gospel & the Holy Spirit even let Elizabeth in on the importance of this unborn child!

      So here is account in the Holy Bible of God being able to communicate with females & the importance of even unborn children bringing Good News! It is not about trying to credit women as allowed to carry Good News- but more of an understanding to mankind that God entrusted women first to be the one to conceive, carry & deliver God’s Gift to mankind.


  3. Thank you!!! As a woman in ministry with female family members in pastoral leadership, it is refreshing to have someone who is their sisters’ keeper!


  4. It hurts my heart every time that I hear about women being downtrodden in the church. It definitely shows those who have not read or really payed attention to God’s holy word. They definitely didn’t realize who Deborah was. I truly just feel for those people.


  5. The very moment Jesus called all of us to be disciples in Matthew 28 the door was open to everyone in vocational ministry. Who are we to judge anyone? We have no kingdom to offer in our judgement, however Christ does. The sex of the minister or church leader does not, nor ever will, matter. What truly matters is a loving heart that boasts of the Gospel message regardless of the sex. Revelation 21:9-20 tells us all of the New Jerusalem, our kingdom in heaven to be enjoyed by all men and women.


  6. Thank you for your support and stance. I retired in June, 2018, after 30 years in ministry. It’s hard to believe that we are still fighting this battle about women in ministry. if someone is giving a really hard time about being a woman in ministry, tell them to go argue it with God, because God is the one who called me into ministry. Oh, and to read the Resurrection account in Gospel of John. If it had not been for Mary Magdalene, men would not have known about Christ’s resurrection — or from any of the Gospels. Thank you again.


  7. Wow, so nice to hear someone just take a stand, set appropriate limits on online speech, and advocate for women and for civil discussion. Thank you and may God bless your ministry.


  8. Thank you for making a commitment of compassion and support! It is challenging enough (even in a main line that “encourages” female clergy) to be a female clergy so to come to a site like this for resources and find additional negative energy is disheartening. Your commitment to empower is an excellent step of hope and witnesses to the real message of Jesus Christ who loved everyone!


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