Our Mission & Comment Guidelines


The 3-part mission of the Clergy Coaching Network Facebook page:

To ARTICULATE A VISION for congregations that are faithful in Evangelism, Hospitality, Discipleship, Inclusiveness, Social Justice, Worship, Community, Congregational Care, Leadership Development, and Service.

To INSPIRE, CHALLENGE AND EQUIP clergy and others for transformational leadership in an ever-changing world.  We will do this by sharing relevant articles, research, quotes, memes and occasionally a bit of humor about human nature, theology and congregational life.

To INVITE CLERGY AND CONGREGATIONAL LEADERS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COACHING SERVICES. We hope that many of those who discover our page will seek to employ one of our well-trained clergy coaches to assist them in their leadership and ministry.  Our coaching services are available to leaders of all religious traditions. 

Our posts come from a variety of perspectives and seek to address the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing clergy, lay leaders, congregations and the communities in which they minister.  In most cases, the topics covered seek to address the concerns of the clients and congregations that we coach. Some of our posts will confirm what you already think. At other times we hope they will challenge assumptions and invite the exploration of new possibilities.  If you are uncomfortable with posts coming from a variety of points of view (conservative, moderate and progressive), this may not be the page for you.

If you like our page and choose to comment on a post, we ask you to familiarize yourself with our mission and follow these COMMENT GUIDELINES:

As people of faith, we are called to a higher standard than the vitriol that often shows up in some Facebook comments.

On this site, we know there will be robust and passionate engagements about some of our posts, and with and among those who have differing views.

Please, no personal attacks. Comment on ideas, not people.

Comments that we deem to be trolling, abusive, pejorative, demeaning, off-topic, racist, sexist, hate-speech, labeling, “denomination bashing,” or harassing will be hidden or removed and the person commenting may be banned. 

Profanity is always unacceptable! (We have our profanity filter set to “strong,” so that it catches most profanity.  However, folks keep inventing new ways to get past these filters.)

Please stay on topic, and keep the conversation thread focused on the article, the meme or the subject presented. Comments that seek to “hijack” the conversation or present a topic not referred to in the post or meme will be deleted. 

Advertisements or solicitations, posted as comments, will be deleted.

Whenever these guidelines are ignored, we reserve the right to block persons from commenting on this page.

Remember, civil discussion encourages multiple perspectives and occurs in a positive commenting environment.

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