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  1. “Please, no personal attacks. Comment on ideas, not people.” As a Christian and member of the clergy, I wholeheartedly agree. My faith is not threatened by an opposing viewpoint. I am, however, distressed that negative, hateful comments still find their way onto your site. You recently posted an article by Karl Vaters expressing sorrow over the lack of civility on social media. It was an excellent piece. Unfortunately it was followed by smug, mean-spirited comments about the president. It certainly proved the author’s point, but what about your guidelines?


  2. Christians have stayed out of politics too long. Faith without works is dead, why sit until we die? No we should not idolize a man, focus only on God as the one in control and pres. Trump should have given more credit to God and less to self and his staff but God does ordain and use imperfect people and there is nothing wrong with discernment to know who that is, the children of Israel wandered too long for not following who God had sent. Yes we need to keep our eyes on the one true Lord Jesus Christ but our walk is of faith and works, don’t encourage a backward movement of letting the “world” control our nation. We need prayer, faith and discernment and support of men who stand for our religious freedom and open willingness to pray and seek godly council as pres. Trump has. There is nothing wrong with respecting that, I do without worshipping him, I worship God, my saviour Jesus, and respect who he sets forth as I believe he placed Donald Trump as a voice and authority for this time…just as you use the platform you have and some people listen to you without worshipping you..or some may be.


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